The Rosewater Harvest Refill Set
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Rosewater has been used throughout time to combat the appearance of signs of aging and maintain a luminous looking complexion. The Rose de Mai, which grows in the hills of Grasse in France, is harvested by hand early in the morning during the month of May when the flower is in full bloom. The freshly picked petals are distilled using artesian well water to produce Chantecaille Pure Rosewater. Soothing, moisturizing and unusually uplifting. The aromatherapeutic qualities of the Pure Rosewater are a pure source of bliss and the ultimate natural treatment.

Set Includes:
-Pure Rosewater 150ml 5.07fl.oz.
-Pure Rosewater 30ml 1.01fl.oz.

99.9% Natural.
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How To Use

Spray generously across the face in a loose Z-shape approximately six inches from the face with eyes and mouth gently closed.

A few of our favorite ways to use Pure Rosewater:
• Start the day with a fresh, liberal spray of Rosewater to awaken the face. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.
• Spray it on your face and area around your head during a flight to receive fresh, uplifting hydration.
• Lovely when kept in the refrigerator and used to cool down a hot neck and face post workout, hot flash, or to refresh after a muggy, humid day..
• Refresh your makeup mid-day with a quick spray..
• Spray on still-damp hair before blow drying for soft, smooth hair
• Douse cotton pads with Rosewater and place on eyes to help visibly de-puff for two minutes..
• Wonderfully calming when spritzed on one’s pillow to help drift off for a restful sleep.

To properly refill your travel size bottle:

While both bottles are on a flat surface, unscrew the caps from both the large and travel size bottle. (Note your travel size needs to be empty before being refilled.) Place the funnel in the neck of the travel-size bottle, slowly pour a stream of Pure Rosewater into the refillable spray bottle. Once filled, remove and store funnel, securely replacing both caps to each bottle. The large size refills the travel-sized bottle five times. Store in a cool, dry place or in refrigerator. We do not recommend that you pour or store Chantecaille Pure Rosewater in any other container than the materials provided.


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