Amelia Liana, Off Duty

The always on-the-go London-based beauty and fashion influencer lets us in on her post-work relaxation rituals and evening skincare routine.

In Normal Times, Amelia Liana’s popular Instagram feed flows with dreamy images of the glossy-haired creator hanging in a villa on the Côte d’Azur, or by a pool in Mykonos. In the last few months, however, her voyages have been closer to home – staged in her mongo, candy-colored closet lined with designer frocks, or at her vanity table. It’s a homecoming in another way, too, since Liana started as a beauty blogger at age 21 as a distraction from her sociology dissertation at Nottingham. Now a contributing editor at Tatler and one of The Times’ Top 20 Influencers, she draws 503K followers on Instagram and nearly as many on YouTube

Lucky for us, Liana is a Chantecaille fan—and has even chosen to include our Lip Veil in Tiger Lily and Oleander in her “You’re a Goddess” beauty box (subscribe on her website). Knowing she’s a hard-core skincare devotee, we were excited for her to incorporate our new Rose Cleansing Balm into her routine. Though less on the go these days, Liana has kept herself “super busy—most days I’m normally filming, shooting content for my website and collaborating with brands.” She took some time out of that schedule to talk cleansing, self-care, and her wind-down routine.

How would you describe your skincare philosophy?
My skincare philosophy has definitely evolved over the years. My main goal aims to nourish and hydrate, avoiding stripping my skin of its natural oils as much as I can. I find that the more religious I am with my routine, the more dewy and fresh it looks and the better my makeup lasts throughout the day.

How has Covid-19 changed your self-care/skincare routine?
Covid-19 has given me a lot more time to invest in self-care. I’ve been trialing out a lot of new masks and treatments. I went a bit skincare crazy at the beginning of lockdown and now I’m certainly cleansing more around the mask area at the end of the day.

Could you share your evening skincare ritual with us?
I always look forward to my evening wind down. Lighting a gorgeous scented candle (Diptyque Ambre is my favourite), taking off my makeup with a cleansing balm and usually giving myself a mini facial massage with a relaxing face oil.

Is there a skincare secret you’d say is your ‘signature’?
I have a little trick I use with my eye cream, which is to also use it as a lip balm—I feel like this helps prevent wrinkling and always makes my lips feel firmer and softer.

"The Rose de Mai cleansing balm is gorgeous—the scent alone is intoxicating. I like working it into the skin and using a warm flannel to take it off—no better feeling!"

Our new Rose de Mai Cleansing Balm is a super-nourishing way to remove makeup—do you have a favourite way to use it?
Cleansing balms are something I use every day without fail. I love how soothing it feels at the end of the day and I find them the best for taking off makeup as well as for washing your face. The Rose de Mai cleansing balm is gorgeous—the scent alone is intoxicating. I like working it into the skin and using a warm flannel to take it off—no better feeling!

Do you have any favourite Chantecaille products? Which and why?
The Jasmine and Lily healing mask is great. It feels so refreshing to put on and I love how hydrated my skin feels after. Another favourite is the Radiance Elixir—when I need that extra glow, this is the dream. It really brightens up my skin and makes it look so smooth.

Tell us about your new beauty box.
I’m so excited to share my new ‘You’re a Goddess’ kit. I’ve collated some of my favourite products in a personalised makeup bag packed with everything you need, ranging from skincare to haircare to makeup.  You can subscribe here.

After a long work day, I always have a bath

Make dinner or order in? Make dinner

For winding down: Netflix, Instagram, TikTok, or books? Netflix

Last best thing I watched was Working Moms

Last best thing I read was Rising Strong, by Brené Brown

Single, double, or triple cleansing? Single

To mask or not to maskMask

Pajamas or nightshirt? H&M satin pajama set

My chill-out playlist includes anything from Chilled Cow on Spotify

Before bed I always put on lip balm and I never sleep in my makeup

Favorite sheets? Yves Delorme all day every day!

Phone by the bed or no way? Leave in office

I need seven hours of sleep to feel great in the morning.

Overnight skin treatments? Yay

My trick for falling asleep is cuddling Duke (my Pomeranian) & This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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