Olivia's Travel Beauty Routine

Is there anything better than packing your suitcase for your next escape? The outfit planning sets the tone for the trip (and when you’re loading it all into a chic carryall, all the better!). Spring break is right around the corner—perfect time to chat all things travel with Olivia. Now that she’s a mom, her packing game is on point, and she’s sharing all of her secrets. Get your mini Rosewater ready—it’s go time.

Do you have a packing philosophy?
I’m a list-maker. I make one for myself and for Delphina of what I think we’ll need considering the location and the weather, and I make one of our must-haves for when we’re on the plane, especially since my daughter is not a big sleeper on planes. If I have time, I’ll lay out the clothes I plan to pack to see if everything works together and then pack it all up. I definitely pack more for ‘just in case’ instances since I’ve become a mom. As long as it all fits in the suitcase, we’re good.

How has travelling changed since you’ve become a mom?
Well, I’m much more concerned with cleanliness—I like to joke that airlines should give moms a discount for the amount of wiping down we do on their planes.

What’s one thing you never, ever travel without for yourself? For Delphina?
I never travel without my mini travel Pure Rosewater, Rescue Remedy, and my essential oils- lavender to calm, and Thieves Oil to combat germs—we use wet wipes doused with a few drops of thieves oil to wipe down our seats, Delphina loves to help! For Delphina? We always have EO lavender antibacterial spray for her to keep her hands clean and our Bebe balm for dry lips and cheeks. She loves to travel with her favorite doll and the books she loves to read, and we always have a change of clothes and plenty of snacks.

Do you have any airport hacks or tricks that make traveling run smoother?
I pack a soft bag that can easily stow under the seats so that we can always access it. I use individual zip-top bags to keep all of our activities organized and easy to grab. It’s great to have a new book that Delphina hasn’t read before to keep her entertained, and a few tiny little treasures that I’ll wrap up with a lot of layers to heighten the anticipation and keep her occupied. Anything that she hasn’t seen before will be inherently more exciting than her familiar favorites. We also always have markers and paper for games and doodling. Basically my carry-on is like a mobile nursery school, ha!

"Before we leave I always use our Anti-Pollution Finishing Essence and layer it with our Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask to create a barrier against nasty plane air and seal in as much moisture as possible."

Do you have an in-flight beauty routine?
Before we leave I always use our Anti-Pollution serum and layer it with our Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask to create a barrier against nasty plane air and seal in as much moisture as possible. I also always use Lip Potion to keep my lips hydrated. Then mists of Pure Rosewater throughout keep my skin feeling fresh. When we’ve landed I’ll apply Lip Sleek, which has lots of hydrating oils and provides a fun pop of color.

What is your favorite thing about traveling? What do you like the least?
I love arriving at our destination and sharing it with Delphina. It’s always fun to discover new things with her. I don’t like the actual process of traveling—I just want to be there.

What’s next on your must-visit list?
Morocco! And Tulum. And I’d love to take Delphina to see our rose de mai in blooming in Grasse in May.

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