Beauty And The Bride

Bride-to-be Anna Schuster is planning a dream destination wedding: Come October, she and her fiancé, along with 70 of their nearest and dearest, are flying to the Amalfi Coast where they’ll say "I do" on a terraced garden with a view of that gorgeous coastline.

While chatting about her beauty look with our makeup artist Eddie Hernandez, Anna also shared a bit about her upcoming nuptials.

Your proposal was a surprise! Tell us about it?
I was in Paris on a work trip and my mom had come to join me, so I tacked on an extra day to sightsee. We were walking across the Seine on a bridge and Luke, my fiance, popped out from behind a column—I thought he was at home in New York! He proposed at this spot with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. It was so romantic—all of a sudden I heard clicking, and I realized someone was taking our photo. He hired a professional photographer to be there, and we used that shot as our engagement photo.

"I want to look classic and fresh, really simple but with a glow."

What is your wedding style?
It’s elegant and clean, with a black-and-white color story. My bridesmaids are wearing black silk dresses, and all the flowers are white with touches of greenery and big, beautiful lemons placed throughout for a pop of color, since they’re such a local staple.

Is there a photo moment that’s especially important to you?
We’re getting married at 5:30, perfectly timed for the sunset. The hotel is perched on a cliff that overlooks Amalfi and the coast, so a shot of us with the scenery in the backdrop with the sunset beyond is my ideal snap. 

Who will walk you down the aisle?
My dad. He’s also officiating the ceremony!

Tell us about the dress.
It’s a modern, Audrey Hepburn-style silk column by Oscar de la Renta. I’m pairing it with a classic portrait veil with lace trim.

What is your plan for your beauty look?
I want to look classic and fresh, really simple but with a glow. Anything Eddie tells me to do, that’s the plan!

Anna and Eddie dreamed up a beautiful, classic look for her to re-create on her big day.
The how-to video below is a step-by-step guide to achieving her look.

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