Beauty Chat: Lisa Sadoughi

If you find yourself craving a chic headband this summer, it’s in part thanks to designer Lisa Sadoughi. Her Lele Sadoughi collection of covetable, embellished hairbands is responsible for the elegant trend, with her signature knotted style being spotted atop the heads of stylish ladies worldwide (Our Creative Director Olivia is a huge fan and before we all started working remotely, you could regularly spot Sadoughi’s styles all over the Chantecaile HQ).

Lisa Sadoughi

A jewelry designer at heart, Sadoughi has widened her brand’s offerings to include insanely stylish sunglasses and delightful chains for them which double as jewels themselves. We chatted with Lisa about her beauty rituals and work inspiration from her home-away-from-home in Texas where she’s sheltering with her extended family.

This summer has been like no other–how are you coping?
I am lucky to be surrounded by my family in Dallas. My kids play with their cousins every day and we are staying with my parents. Work has been challenging, living away from my office and homeschooling, but we have assembled a stellar team that is getting it done.

Where have you been finding inspiration these last few months? Has your work process changed at all?
Color has always been a big inspiration for me. I look at paintings and interior design. I like to think about what accessory I want to wear and how I can elevate it and make it better. I have taken over the living room, as I feel most creative with all my swatches and beads laid out.

Images provided by Lele Sadoughi

Do you have any favorite summer family rituals?
This summer we have taken long evening walks, in lieu of going to dinners and parties. My kids also do a lot of movie nights.

Your new sunglasses are so chic! What was adding them to the collection like?
It was the first time I designed an accessory for an accessory. I am inspired by vintage finds and wanted to bring back the eyeglass chain.

Does your jewelry background inspire your accessory designs?
Jewelry design is my first love. I like to think of my aesthetic as maximal, as I want to jewel up anything I create.

"Color has always been a big inspiration for me."

Image provided by Lele Sadoughi

Lisa and her daughter

How does your own personal style impact your work?
I love a mixture of matte and shine, or bright and neutral. Whether it’s a crystal lavender headband with a hot pink blouse, or lurex gold pants with a chambray button-down, it’s all about the surprising mix you can create in an outfit. Accessories enable you to build your own color palette in a different way upon each wear.

What do your kids particularly love about your job or visiting you at work?
I made my life as convenient as possible with our house, school, and office all within 2 blocks of each other in NYC. I often pick up my kids and take them to the office for a bit. They love to go through my swatch books and see new samples. Lately, my office is at home so they have become my new assistants and even models for our kids’ headbands and masks.

Who are some of your style icons?
Nan Kempner had an amazing wardrobe and wasn’t afraid to wear things over and over. I believe in investing in a few good clothing pieces and experimenting and expanding in accessories.

You recently filmed a 'Real Beauty' video for us–will you tell us about your beauty routine?
Being that our company is working remotely and everything is digital right now, I love using anything that will prevent aging and protect against blue light, which is why I have been loving the Bio Lifting Serum+ with the massage tool. I also use the Gold Recovery Mask twice a week for extra hydration.

Can you share any expert accessorizing tips with us?
For those days when you don’t have time to do your hair or makeup, an embellished headband and cat eye sunglasses with our pearl eyeglass chain does the trick to look polished in a pinch.

If you only make one beauty effort in the summer, what is it?
Keep hydrated with Chantecaille Pure Rosewater spray mist.

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