Help Save Endangered Species With Our New App!

With our new Chantecaille Wild Beauty app, bring six of Africa’s Vanishing Species into your world and photograph or video them in action. Then post them to raise additional funds to save endangered animals.

Talk about the elephant in the room. Chantecaille Wild Beauty brings six of Africa’s most gorgeous and endangered wild species—the cheetah, elephant, giraffe, lion, pangolin, and rhinoceros—into your world via Augmented Reality (AR). Each animal inspired an eye shadow in our Luminescent Eye Shades collection, which supports 6 wildlife charities saving species that are in danger of extinction.

How To Use It

First, select English or Traditional Chinese (new!)

Select one of six animals from the Take a Picture menu, scan the floor to place it in your environment, tap it to open, then watch the animal emerge from a Chantecaille compact. You can move the animal by tapping the floor, resize it to fill a room or sit on the palm of your hand, or flip to selfie mode. Set against a soundtrack of the African savannah, the animals can idle, walk, and move their heads and bodies—listen for the lion’s growl and the trumpet of the elephant.

Now take a photo or video! The images will be saved to your photo stream.

Make Your Photo Count!

Your pics have power. How? Every photo or video you take will count towards the 10,000 total per species that will trigger an extra donation from us to each wildlife charity. 

Share your photo or video and tag it #ChantecailleWild so we can see it. 

When we hit 10,000 for each animal, we will donate: 

To Cheetah Conservation Fund
The cost of care for one rescued cheetah that cannot be rewilded.

To Space for Giants
1 kilometer/0.6 miles of short-post electrified fence designed to keep free-roaming elephants out of subsistence farmers’ fields. 

To Giraffe Conservation Foundation
One GPS satellite tag for tracking giraffe and deployment of the collar.

To Lion Guardians
1-year salary for 3 Lion Guardians, who work to prevent human-wildlife conflict in Maasai communities.

To Tikki Hywood Foundation
2,500 hours' worth of salary for pangolin handlers to totally rehabilitate 3 rescued pangolins.

To Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
A donation in the equivalent amount of two months’ surveillance along the perimeter fence of the Meru Rhino Sanctuary

When each animal hits 20,000 snaps, we’ll donate an extra $5,000 per charity!

For news on our next campaign, watch this page, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook @Chantecaille.

Other Features

The App also contains a tool that introduces you to each of Africa’s Vanishing Species, including cool facts about the animal, the greatest threats to its future, and what each of our wildlife charity partners is doing to keep the species from going extinct. 

This wildly innovative project couldn’t have come to life without our development partners. Internet of Elephants, founded by Gautam Shah and based in Kenya, develops digital experiences exclusively about wildlife to engage audiences around conservation. And RamJam is a creative studio based in Brighton, UK, specializing in Augmented and Virtual Reality, who fuse creativity with the latest technology to develop original, inspiring and emotionally engaging work.

We hope you enjoy playing with the app. See you in the wild!

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