Quick Beauty Q's With Fiona Stiles

Once you learn that makeup artist Fiona Stiles was a photography student at the Rhode Island School of Design, her marvelous work in front of the camera makes even more sense.

Stiles’ thoughtful, artistic work is proof that makeup is just another medium for art—as clients like Lily Collins, Gabrielle Union and Gwyneth Paltrow can attest. Stiles has created beyond-gorgeous looks using Chantecaille (including Union’s smoldering look for the 2021 Met Gala), which makes us so proud. We played our rapid-fire beauty question game with the Los Angeles-based Stiles, which was so much fun. Read on for her answers.

Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara always and forever.

NY or LA? NY in your 20’s and 30’s. LA in your 40’s and 50’s. NY in your 60’s and 70’s. LA in your 80s+

Windows open or closed? In the car, closed. In the house, open.

Is makeup a look or a mood? Both.

Celebs—are they really just like us? 100%. Just with better accountants and lawyers. 

Never skip this makeup step: SPF.

Bold lips or bold eyes? Bold lips. It always looks current.

To serum or not to serum: I do not like serum under makeup, it makes it pill. So yes to serum, but only at night.

I'm currently listening to: Gabrielle Union’s book “Got Anything Stronger?”

Vitamin C or ferulic acid? Vitamin C

Working with family—fun or freaky? FUN!

Face oil or cream? Cream. I love that you can choose the weight and richness of a cream depending on what your skin needs.

My weirdest beauty habit is: Dying my eyebrows with Just For Men.

Animal I most identify with: Sea Otter.

I would never, ever wear: Those shoes that have separate places for all of your toes.

I have this many lipsticks in my bag right now: It’s all lip balm all the time in my bag. 

You’d never guess it, but I used to: Be a total goth in high school.

Predict the next big makeup trend: I never predict anything.

Most underrated makeup tool: Eyelash curler.

Foundation application; sponge, brush, fingers? All of the above.

Best way to remove eye makeup: Miceller water.

Lip liner or eyeliner? Lip liner as lipstick.

Best song to get ready to/do makeup to: Anything from D’Angelo

Skincare: minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist. Selective and effective.

3 makeup must-haves: Red lipstick, SPF, mascara

Easier: Doing your own makeup or someone else’s? Someone else’s for sure. 

Magnifying mirror–dangerous or helpful? Well, it can be either depending on your vulnerabilities. 

Do you multi-mask? Constantly. 

I can’t leave the house without SPF on.

Bold lips or bold eyes? Bold lips. It always looks current. 

I’m a pro at applying mascara in my car.

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