Soothing Solutions for Maskne

Constant mask-wearing can wreak havoc on your skin. Experts Angela Barthel and Isaac Castillo from Chantecaille’s artistry team share their best solutions for battling breakouts and redness brought on by our new facial dress code.

Over these last few months we’ve grown more comfortable with the feeling of wearing a mask, but our skin still isn’t loving it. “Maskne”—breakouts resulting from mask-wearing—is typically caused by irritation from the mask rubbing against the skin and a lack of breathability. Climate can be a factor, too. “In a highly humid place like Florida where I live, the heat causes moisture in my mask, while trapped makeup and skincare creates buildup and breakouts,” says Isaac Castillo. “It’s very important to reset the skin.” Here’s a flexible regimen that works.


Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser
Deeply cleansing the skin is the important first step to slough off any excess dirt and oil build-up underneath your mask. “Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser is perfect for this, because the rice provides a gentle everyday exfoliation,” Angela Barthel says. You only need a pea-size amount for your entire face.

“I’m a huge believer in deep cleansing at night,” Isaac adds. “Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser really breaks down the kind of buildup that can cause breakouts. The foam is just enough and gentle to use around the eyes—plus you get a slight exfoliation. I even use it as a shaving foam.”


REVIVE: Hibiscus Smoothing Mask & Detox Clay Mask
Nightly masking is the most profound and nourishing way to revive distressed skin. “Hibiscus Smoothing Mask is my ultimate reset for maskne,” Isaac says. “Using it at night is ideal to really buff off and remove excess dead skin, while the glycolic acid also helps my skin to look firmer and more luminous.” No problem if you forget to mask at night—you can also use it first thing in the morning to smooth your complexion. He recommends applying it all over the face and going ahead and working on your eyes, then buffing it off with a spritz of Pure Rosewater and an organic cleansing sponge. “It’s perfect prep for a smooth, even canvas before applying foundation.”

Angela Barthel likes to multi-mask, or mask “zone.” “Mask zoning helps me address all the different concerns on my skin at the same time. From congestion to exfoliation to even addressing the occasional and—in this time—regular appearance of blemishes.” She applies Detox Clay Mask as a spot treatment, and then all around the lower face where her protective face covering sits. Then she smoothes HIbiscus Smoothing Mask around the forehead and nose to gently retexturize the skin.

SOOTHE: Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask
Packed with emollient flower waxes plus Vitamin B5 and macadamia oil, Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask is a perfect go-to for irritation and redness from friction that results from mask-wearing. “I love using this mask overnight and blending it with my moisturizer. The aromatherapy and cooling sensation of the mask really help me to relax,” Isaac says. Apply it with a foundation or mask brush to get a thin, even layer.

BRIGHTEN + TIGHTEN: Retinol Intense+ & Gold Recovery Mask
For a more active resurfacing, Angela uses Retinol Intense+ alone or with other products. “Retinol is great to use to help resurface newer skin and address any old acne scars, discoloration and fine lines,” she says. The niacinamide and encapsulated retinol gently retexturize and help to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Isaac frequently reaches for retinol and mixes it with his “all-time favorite” Gold Recovery Mask. “Retinol Intense+ helps my skin to brighten, tighten and lessen the stress on my skin. Then the Gold Recovery Mask recovers my skin and nourishes it, while the probiotic gives me a natural slight exfoliation.” If you like to layer instead of blend, use Retinol Intense+ followed by your favorite mask to sleep in.


Radiance Elixir & Concealer
Wearing a full face of foundation under a mask can be messy and uncomfortable, so Angela and Isaac have found tricks for working around it, focusing on perfecting and brightening the eye area and skin above the mask. Radiance Elixir, a serum with luminosity-boosting botanicals like Crystal Peptide and Colorless Carotenoids, is a great way to create a healthy glow—it also works wonders when mixed with a concealer.  “I like cocktailing Radiance Elixir with my Real Skin+ because it turns my concealer into a great luminous coverup for areas that aren’t covered with a mask,” Angela says. She likes to blend 1-2 drops with her Real Skin+, warm it up on the back of her hand, then press under the eyes for fuller coverage.

Isaac adds, “Radiance Elixir is my invisible foundation—when I pair it with a concealer, it looks absolutely amazing underneath the eye area.” He blends 1-2 drops with his Le Camouflage Stylo. “I love the skin-awakening peptide that gives my skin a morning wake-up call. My skin looks smooth, radiant and rosy!”

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