Steal This Day-To-Night Eye Trick From L.A.'s Natural Makeup Maven

L.A.-based makeup artist Jenn Streicher, who gets stars like Mandy Moore, Emily Blunt, and Anne Hathaway red carpet-ready, is easily the most down-to-earth beauty expert we know.

We love that, like us, Jenn has a family business (her salon in L.A., Striike, which tackles the holy trinity of hair, brows and makeup, is a partnership with sisters Kristie and Ashley), and that in an industry that can get pretty heavy-handed (and hyper-contoured), she shares our love of a natural look. Lining Jenn up to create some application videos for our Fall collection was a no-brainer—if you’ve seen Mandy or Anne all done up for an event, you know that Jenn’s signature look is natural and luminous, which is what our #beautygoals are every day of the week.

While Jenn’s Insta is pretty personal, we still thought it would be fun to put her to the test of answering some rapid-fire questions that would get to the heart of our burning questions about her personal approach to beauty. Read on to see just what we mean.

Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara

Best makeup trick? Using a credit card for mascara application

NY or LA? Both

Windows open or closed? Open

Is makeup a look or a mood? The mood dictates the look

Celebs—are they really just like us? Nope

Never skip this makeup step: Moisturizer

To serum or not to serum: Serum

I'm currently listening to: Big Thief

Vitamin C or ferulic acid? Alternate both

Working with family—fun or freaky? Ha! Trick question

Face oil or cream? Oil

My weirdest beauty habit is: Not having a habit

My spirit animal is: Little Edie from Grey gardens

I would never, ever wear: Never say never

I have this many lipsticks in my bag right now: 6

You'd never guess it, but I used to Wax my eyebrows.

Predict the next big makeup trend: I can’t predict the future

Most underrated makeup tool: Beauty blender

Foundation application; sponge, brush, fingers? All 3

Best way to remove eye makeup: Cotton square and Bioderma

Lip liner or eyeliner? Eyeliner

Best song to get ready to/do makeup to: Whatever puts you in the mood

Skincare: minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist

3 makeup must-haves: Tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush

Easier: Doing your own makeup or someone else's? Someone else’s

Magnifying mirror–dangerous or helpful? Dangerous

Do you multi-mask? Currently!

Masking in public is... Unnecessary.

I can’t leave the house without SPF on.

Bold lips or bold eyes? Lips

I’m a pro at applying SPF in my car.

The video below proves how easy nailing Jenn’s natural-but-gorgeous technique is. Not sure how to take your daytime look into glam evening territory? She’s got you covered.

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