Sylvie Chantecaille Reflects on 20 Years at the Helm

As our 20th anniversary year unfolds, we’re taking a look back and celebrating the achievements, innovations and meaningful partnerships we formed over the years. As a beauty brand with a passion for naturals and a commitment to conservation, we put our love for flowers and their endless possibilities front and center, along with a deep love for animals and the environment.

What have we discovered over our 20-year history? So much. That naturals are as powerful—or more so—than synthetics. That caring and educating is incredibly rewarding. That crafting products that people love and bring into their lives makes us incredibly proud.

Here’s how Sylvie feels about this momentous occasion—the video we created is a wonderful reminder of how much we have accomplished in the beauty landscape and of the many incredible philanthropy connections we have made with conservationists who we are eternally grateful for.


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