Michele Wang, then and now, always with a blush brush in hand

Quick Beauty Q's With Michele Wang

Peruse beauty influencer Michele Wang’s YouTube channel and you’ll discover a trove of videos that dive deep into the product catalogs of nearly every luxury beauty brand on the planet. We were thrilled to learn that Chantecaille has also earned some screen time with the beauty obsessive, who can turn viewers onto products that instantly become bestsellers—she’s that good. 

We sent Wang our quick-hit rapid fire beauty q’s—see how she weighed in below.

My name is Michele Wang                                                     

I’m based in Vegas                    

Eyeliner or mascara? Eyeliner

My best makeup trick is: with a finger, pressing loose powder over concealer under my eyes to keep from looking too dry and caked

Is makeup a look or a mood? Mood

You should never skip this makeup step: Taking it off

I fell in love with makeup when: I would watch my mom put it on

To serum or not to serum? Serum

Face oil or cream? Both!

Face oil or cream? Both!

 My weirdest beauty habit is: Using brow gel to calm my flyaways

I would never, ever wear: Never say never

I have x many lipsticks in my bag right now: 3

You’d never guess it but I used to: Smoke 3 packs of Marlboro Reds a day

Most underrated makeup tool: Q-tip

Foundation application; sponge, brush, fingers? Brush

Lip liner or eyeliner? Eyeliner

Are you a skincare minimalist or maximalist? Maximalist

Wang in her home in Las Vegas, applying Brilliant Gloss

3 makeup must-haves: Lip gloss, blush and blush

Magnifying mirror—dangerous or helpful? Dangerous

I can’t leave the house without this on: Ideally, SPF

Bold lips or bold eyes? Lips

I could apply clear lip balm with my eyes closed. 

I keep backup floss in my car. 

When I’m not playing with makeup I’m: shopping for makeup

When I’m not playing with makeup I’m: shopping for makeup.

In my off-time, you’ll always find me: Sleeping 

I wish someone would invent (beauty innovation you wish existed): A machine that washed my makeup off and applied all my evening skincare in one step… while I laid in bed

To me, beauty is: Love




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