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Since mom’s the word this month, we’re reconnecting with some of our favorite mamas to chat about motherhood and find out how they’ll spend their special day. From craft goddess Darcy Miller to jewelry queen Jennifer Fisher, we’re charmed and inspired by their family rituals and hard-won wisdom.

Does your family have any Mother’s Day rituals or traditions?
Yes, well sort of! They don't buy anything for me. I'm normally away for my birthday in Miami. My birthday is May 1st, and for the last couple of years I have traveled to Miami with friends to celebrate. We usually return the Sunday of Mother’s Day - we’re all moms, so we sort of consider that our Mother’s Day trip or break. Now that my kids are older, they actually make me breakfast. It's one of those days that I get to do whatever I choose.

What’s the best part about raising kids in New York City?
The best part of raising kids in New York City is that they have an incredible sense of independence and maturity.

Your necklaces (initials, nickname nameplates) have become a totemic symbol of mama-dom. How does it feel to know your work holds such an intimate place in the life of your customer?
That was why I started this company. To create that for myself and the fact I can do that for other women, and fill that need and void in their life and create something that's an heirloom piece. It’s not only custom but is incredibly meaningful.

When you get me time, how do you spend it?
Never. My me time is when I cook for my family. Even though it's not really time alone, it's time alone for me in the kitchen.

Does your family have any Mother’s Day rituals or traditions?
Yes, we have a small one – a ritual for a special breakfast. My husband and the twins work on something different every year. I’ve heard a rumor that this year the twins are negotiating with our pastry chef in NY to create a special cake or new croissant so they can surprise me with a very special breakfast in bed. We’ll see !

When you get “me” time, how do you spend it?
I go to Pilates or and a spa for massage. Everything else I love doing with the twins, like visiting museums or special exhibitions.

We’re guessing your kiddos love hanging at Ladurée. What part of your job is their favorite?
They love stopping by after school for a hot chocolate in the winter or ice cream in summer. One is more interested in ingredients and the art of baking, the other one always wonders if the restaurant was busy that day. They have also invited their classmates to take a pastry class with our chef, so fun to do with your kids or friends.

Is your parenting style more French or American?
French French French. 

Does your family have any Mother’s Day rituals or traditions?
I like having an unplanned day with my family, which is such a rarity.

When you get “me” time, how do you spend it?
My favorite thing to do is sit and read a good book, alone. I’m also a big fan of sleep.

How did it feel to see Connie Britton wear Lingua Franca on the red carpet at the Golden Globes?
Incredible! It was a giant surprise for all of us (we had no idea until we saw her ourselves on the carpet), and we didn’t realize it was going to have such a big impact. It was an honor to be involved in the conversation surrounding that iconic evening.

Do you have any tried and true tips for the work/balance juggle?
I think the hardest thing is being able to let go of some things. You aren’t going to be able to be at every class event AND every friend’s cocktail party AND every meeting. It’s just not possible. When I am places, I try to be 100% present and if I don’t feel like doing something - I don’t do it! It’s so liberating and simple, but it is still hard for me to say no to things… 

Does your family have any Mother’s Day rituals or traditions?
We always have Mother’s Day at our Bridgehampton house. We have tea and lunch together, then an early Sunday dinner. We spend time with the girls, my mom and my mother and sister-in-law if they are in the Hamptons.

When you get “me” time, how do you spend it?
Dancing. Traveling. Drinking wine.

You launched LoveShackFancy while you were pregnant – whoa – how do you juggle it all?
I take every day as it comes and truly try to live each moment like it’s the last. We have fun, we travel, we enjoy every second as best as we can. I honestly feel traveling and spending quality time together as a family is the best education you can give your children, and that’s what we do. I’m always working, so for me it’s all about having fun and combining work and pleasure - it’s all one. My work is a product of my lifestyle. I’m inspired and motivated by places and people so we need to keep going, keep discovering and keep creating and evolving. When I’m stressed, my answer is drink wine, dance and let it all out!

Does your family have any Mother’s Day rituals or traditions?
We look forward to special occasions in our house—there’s usually some craft project or personalized gift to make. We get special occasion days started with a special breakfast—either the kitchen table is decorated with cards, confetti, and whatever they do to make it personal, or it’s a special breakfast in bed. It’s something fun for the kids to do together and we all get to enjoy it, too!

You must have an amazing craft room! What is your favorite creative activity to do with your girls?
We’re always in the craft room, which is also my office and is packed to the brim. Our favorite activities to do together are making things for other people, whether that’s cards for friends, grandparents and other family members, welcome home signs, birthday party invitations…the list goes on! I have thousands of markers and we do a lot of drawing in here, and our Cricut (which is a cutting crafting machine) gets a lot of use, too. But if they HAD to choose, my kids’ project of choice would be making slime!

As your own boss, you make the rules: what accommodations do you make in your schedule to be available for your kids?
I work from home, which has its own pros and cons. On one hand, I’m always here when my kids get home from school, but on the other hand, it can be hard to turn off at the end of the day.

When you get “me” time, how do you spend it?
Hah! What’s “me” time?

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