Runway Beauty: Behind the Scenes with Artist Lisa Aharon

The makeup mastermind behind Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2023 collection video created luminous looks using Chantecaille—a natural choice since the collection’s muse was the fall harvest. We sat down with Aharon to chat all about this gorgeous fashion/beauty moment.

What an exciting project! Did you approach the beauty concept for the video lookbook differently than you would a runway look?

It was such a talented crew of creatives - the collection and girls were beyond stunning! The approach needed to be slightly different if only because we shot both in studio, interior and exterior locations in multiple places. The makeup needed to wear all day and to be versatile enough to work in all the lighting. With a tight schedule and four girls, there was no time for adjustments and changes.

What was the inspiration for the look?

It's always the clothes. The nature-inspired collection still had a lot of edge. I mimicked the bolder elements of the collection by creating a defined, lifted eye while maintaining softer pinks on the lips and cheeks. There were bits of shine in the collection as well and that was where the glowing skin came in—I wanted it to still beam where the sun hit and in the evening shots.

Take us through the key products you used please!

Future Skin—When I’m looking for skin that looks like SKIN, this is my go-to foundation. It just melts in for the most flawless complexion.

Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint—My dream product for luminosity. It's so versatile as well! I mixed it into the skincare for an overall glow and then added it as needed around the highpoints of the face for a boost of light.

Luminescent Eye Shade—I wanted a lifted and defined eye without it looking hard or too severe. The Luminescent Eye Shades blended outward and upward on the upper lids and smudged into the lower lash line worked beautifully to achieve this effect.

Lip Chic—Lip Chic is my go-to lipstick for hydrated creamy lips. The veil of pink shine worked well for both the indoor and outdoor light we were shooting in.

Liquid Lumiere—To add vibrancy to the complexion, I patted Liquid Lumiere in Sheen over the high points of the cheeks, above the brows, bridge of the nose and chin. It really helped bring light to the skin and kept it looking bright and juicy throughout the day.

Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara— this formula deposits a rich black shiny coat of color while building and lengthening the lashes. To complete the eye look, I wiggled the brush from root to end on both the top and bottom lashes.


What kind of skincare did you start with?

I used Stress Repair Concentrate + to wake up the under eye area while creating a smooth canvas for concealer.

What part of this shoot was the most fun?

My favorite part of every shoot is the actual makeup application—I love the process and creating a look so much! Collaborating with the incredibly talented crew and running all over the city definitely added some excitement to the job!

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