You Bought a Cheek Shade, Eye Shadow, or Lipstick. What Impact Did It Have?

We asked all of our wildly busy charity partners what they’ve been up to this year. Here’s a smattering of their 2019 accomplishments, supported by donations from Chantecaille and many others.


Monarch Butterfly Fund | Butterfly
Celebrating 10 years of monarch conservation in Mexico, our partners recruited 736 people from six communities in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve to plant 22,905 trees at 20 sites. They also supported local communities—the true guardians of the monarch forests—with workshops to build fuel-efficient stoves, cisterns, floors, and teaching about food health and vegetable production.
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American Wild Horse Campaign | Wild Horse
They fought and won legal battles—like holding off the slaughter sale of California’s Devil’s Garden wild horses—and filed a suit in Nevada to stop the BLM from the mass roundup and removal of the 1,744 wild horses living on a 1 million-acre piece of land. They sponsored legislation (that passed!) to strengthen protections on California’s horses and saved over 30 wild foals whose parents were rounded up in Nevada…all while implementing the world’s largest humane fertility control program.
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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust | Elephant
This year our friends in Nairobi afforded a second chance to six orphaned elephants, one orphaned black rhino named Apollo, two dik-diks, an oryx, and a buffalo—bringing the count to over 100 orphans being rehabilitated for life in the wild. SWT also celebrated the births of 5 elephants born to rewilded orphans, and in September welcomed black rhino orphan Solio’s first calf, a bull named Sultan, in Nairobi National Park. Meanwhile, their Mobile Veterinary Units and Sky Vets attended to more than 632 wild animal cases in 2019 of 6,500 total cases since inception, part of their effort to alleviate animal suffering by treating sick and injured wildlife.
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"When we rescue an orphan it is about saving an individual, in the knowledge that when they return to the wild they can start their own family."
- Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Marine Conservation Institute | Coral
MCI supports protecting at least 30% of the ocean. They awarded 6 new Blue Parks—in Costa Rica, the Seychelles, Italy, and beyond—to a global system of strongly protected marine areas for a total of 16 across 644,404 square miles of ocean. They joined United Nations negotiations to establish a treaty to protect Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdictions and announced their effort to protect deep-sea coral ecosystems on California’s seamounts alongside ocean conservation legend Dr. Sylvia Earle.
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Xerces Society | Bee
With their support, more than 200,000 acres of pollinator habitat on farms has been restored; 23,000+ people learned how to protect pollinators and adopt natural pest control methods; and nearly 300 farmers, ranchers, and foresters received support to create and protect habitat for pollinators—to list just a few milestones.
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Widecast | Turtle
Working to prevent the extinction of six species of endangered sea turtles in the Caribbean, this network of researchers and conservationists mapped every known sea turtle nesting beach in more than 40 Caribbean countries, creating the most comprehensive atlas of sea turtle breeding grounds in the world! They also partnered with another NGO to create a “Sea Turtle Friendly” certification program for Caribbean hotels and tourism organizations across the region.
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Lion Guardians | Lion
Their Guardians have walked 90,000+ miles tracking lions and patrolling the landscape—the equivalent of circling the equator more than 3.5 times! They reinforced more than 800 bomas [livestock enclosures] and returned more than 25,000 lost livestock to their owners—critical to preventing retaliation against lions. And! LINC, their amazing open-source platform to ID and track lions, won the Microsoft AI for Earth Innovation grant.
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Cheetah Conservation Fund | Cheetah
The NGO released and monitored two groups of rehabbed cheetahs back into the wild. They increased their presence along a major wildlife trafficking route in Somaliland, saving the lives of dozens of confiscated cheetahs destined for the pet trade, and secured an extra 11,300 hectares of land as part of CCF’s own reserve in Namibia.
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Space For Giants | Elephant
In Kenya, the charity completed 80km of “smart fence” to keep elephants and farmers safe from one another—and helped cut elephant poaching in Laikipia by 98% from its peak in 2012, thanks to stronger frontline protection and prosecution programs. Over in Botswana, a new mobile unit of elite wildlife rangers were selected, trained, and deployed with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, while in Zambia a new Special Ops Anti-Poaching Unit was launched with Game Rangers International. For starters…
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"In Zimbabwe, including their direct family members, 108 men, women and children are supported by the pangolin program."

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust | Rhinoceros
Having completed the expansion of the Meru Rhino sanctuary in 2018, almost doubling its size, and enhancing security with new electric fencing and security bases, SWT continues to support the sanctuary with fence monitoring teams, repairs for KWS security vehicles and donations of field equipment for KWS rhino security teams. Meanwhile, two white rhino calves were born in the Sanctuary in 2019!
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Tikki Hywood Foundation | Pangolin
While there is still no reliable estimate of the populations of any of the eight species of pangolin worldwide, Tikki Hywood, based in Zimbabwe, continues to rescue, rehabilitate and release them one by one. This ongoing program supports the majority of their ground staff and their direct family members, totalling about 108 men, women and children in 2019.
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Giraffe Conservation Foundation | Giraffe
They carried out 7 giraffe translocations (in which the animals are moved by truck) across 3 countries, which translates to 5.2 million acres of new giraffe habitat. Their de-snaring efforts in Uganda resulted in the removal of 579 active snares, saving 69 critically endangered Nubian giraffes. And their Twiga Tracker initiative now tracks more than 170 giraffes across 7 African countries, while their environmental education programs reached nearly 2,500 primary school students and teachers this year.
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Elephant Family | Asian Elephant
In the Valparai region of Southern India, their human-wildlife coexistence projects have brought increased safety to 70,000 people with a 100% success rate over the past four years, reducing the number of deaths from accidental run-ins with elephants to zero. Property damage has also dropped by 50% from previous years, while 4,538 mobile phones are now registered to receive elephant presence alerts from the project.
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The Perfect World Foundation | Polar Bear + Climate Change
In its mission to save the natural world for the next generation, our Spring Lip Cristal partners planted 80,000 trees in Kibwesi Forest in Kenya as part of The Attenborough Forest, which honors the legendary naturalist and documentary narrator. And Chantecaille contributed 60,000 additional indigenous trees to the canopy through Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who planted them around two National Parks as well as forests that they manage in Kenya.
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