Summer’s Secret Weapons

It’s the season when we dare to go bare(er). But there are a few products in our beauty toolkit that we still won't leave home without. Three of our home-team makeup artists share their versatile summer must-haves.

LIZZY BILASANO, Director, Digital Education
I’m normally pretty dry, so one upside to humid summer months is how dewy my skin looks (thanks, Mother Nature!). I like to lean into that summer glow by minimizing the amount of makeup I wear so you can really see my skin. All my summer secret weapons are multi-functional and easy to apply on the go. Even though I’m a makeup artist and love my makeup brushes, I prefer effortless products I can apply with my fingertips in the summertime.

Real Skin+: Walking around in 90-degree weather with a full face of makeup can feel sticky and uncomfortable. I switch from wearing Future Skin all over my face to using Real Skin+ on spots as-needed in the summertime. I like its naturally matte finish because it really stays put! I swipe it onto any redness around my nose, dark circles under my eyes, and blend it all out with my fingertips. If I happen to throw on an eyeshadow that day, Real Skin+ doubles as my eyeshadow primer to help prolong its wear through the end of the night.

Cheek Gelée: I like my skin to look as natural as possible in the summertime, so I try to avoid powder. To add a pop of color to my cheeks I switch over from our Philanthropy Cheek Shades to Cheek Gelée. Cheek Gelée’s hydrating gel-cream formula melts beautifully along my cheeks, giving me that natural summer flush I long for. It’s not made for the eyes, but one of my secret tricks is popping a little bit of the Cheek Gelée into the crease of my eyes for an easy one-and-done monochromatic makeup look.

Radiance Gel Bronzer + Rose de Mai Face Oil: I’m all about the safe way to tan: getting a faux-glow with bronzer. I use Radiance Gel Bronzer in the summertime because of its natural, luminous finish. I softly sculpt my cheekbones, nose, and jawline by mixing 1 drop of Radiance Gel Bronzer with 2 drops of our Rose de Mai Face Oil and blending with my Sculpting Brush. If I’ve gotten too tan for my foundation, I also like to blend Radiance Gel Bronzer into my moisturizer for an all-over bronzed look that’s perfect for summer.

ANGELA BARTHEL, Sales & Education Manager
I’m pretty oily year round, but am starting to balance out now that I’ve hit the big 40! For me, combating shine and adult acne is a battle I fight all year, but even more so in summer. Because I live in super-humid Houston, keeping my skin hydrated but not oily is a challenge. I apply fewer layers in the summer and detox and exfoliate my skin pretty regularly. As a black woman, I find exfoliating daily works best to keep my skin glowing and less congested. So lightweight moisture during the day and less foundation is my go-to summer skin plan.

Hibiscus Smoothing Mask: This is a must a few times a week to keep dead skin at bay without overdrying. It gives my skin a break from the physical exfoliation (Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream) that I use in the shower almost daily.

Detox Clay Mask: It’s one of my most favorite products ever. It’s the one clay mask on the market that doesn’t dry down, so you can literally leave it on and watch TV while it does its magic. I enjoy running and just being outside with any makeup on will create congested pores, so this helps with the occasional breakout and keeps the texture of my skin flawless.

Cheek Gelée in Vibrant: This product is my go-to. When wearing less foundation, it can be hard for powdered cheek colors to grab onto skin. Cheek Gelée literally glides on, even on bare skin, and looks good on everyone, from the fairest to the deepest chocolate tones. It’s a quick and easy way to add color with just your fingers; in a pinch, you can use it as a lip stain.

HD Perfecting Powder: Now, nothing happens in my world unless the shine has been diffused. Whether I have on foundation or not, I always wear concealer, and to make concealer look seamless on the skin I have to use one of our HD Perfecting powders to blend, diffuse, and set my look of the day.

Lastly, I am typically not wearing full-blown eye makeup in summer, so to complete my look I almost always end with a red lip. Yes, even if that means I am in workout leggings all day! Some of my favorite Lipsticks are Poppy, Tulipe, Cassia and Cerise.

CONNIE MALLOTT, Education Executive
I’ve developed drier skin through the years, so the one thing I love about our summer humidity here in Atlanta is how it enhances that dewy look I prefer. Generally I’m all about anti-aging skincare. However, I’m wearing less makeup these days, so my skincare “go to’s” are about fighting the aging process every step of the way.

Bio Lifting Travel Collection: Usually I take a summer trip to celebrate my anniversary and don’t leave home without my basic skincare needs, which are included in our travel collection. I use 3 daily drops of Bio Lifting Serum+, our anti-aging powerhouse that helps plump, hydrate and soothe my skin. It also helps keep my rosacea in check with Raspberry Stem Cells Extract, an amazing antioxidant that’s very soothing to my skin. I haven’t had a flare up in 9 years! Then I use Stress Repair Concentrate+ around my eyes and lips to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Bio Lifting Cream+ is my “everything” cream that feels so luxurious during application. At night, I sleep in our Bio Lifting Mask for a more intensive treatment. All of these contain my favorite anti-wrinkle ingredient that I call my needle-free version of Botox!

My summer makeup application is lighter, with a touch of Future Skin Foundation in Aura mixed with Radiance Elixir to smooth out my skin tone and boost my glow. A little dot of Happy Cheek Gelée, my favorite Lip Chic of the day (currently, Coral Bell) and of course Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara. A Southern girl never leaves home without her lipstick and mascara!

And I never go very long without a refreshing spritz of our Pure Rosewater! Its aromatherapy gives me the feeling of being loved, so I indulge myself with many spritzes throughout the day!

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