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If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, Kendra Leaver-Rylah & Isabella Foulger, founders of The Wedding Edition, are here to help.

The website was created to be a complete resource for wedding planning, featuring fresh, diverse ideas for couples who think outside the box when it comes to their big day. From current honeymoon trends, reception locales and, of course, beauty tips, the site delivers inspiration daily. We were thrilled to sit down with Leaver-Rylah and Foulger, both fresh from welcoming new babies into the world, to talk about this pet project which has become a wedding world mainstay.

Have you noticed any strong beauty trends for weddings this year?
‘Easy beauty’ seems to be the over-arching theme for beauty this year, its less about make-up trends and more about a timeless bridal beauty look that is just an enhanced version of yourself. 

When it comes to skincare—we love this idea of ‘skinimalism’ and see a lot more brides and grooms opting for simpler skincare routines and a minimalistic approach. Using too many products doesn’t guarantee effective results; it can sometimes even do the opposite. Simply keeping your skin hydrated and protected can make a big difference. 

Another one of the big beauty trends is DIY bridal make-up. The pandemic has had a huge effect on prospective brides and the wedding industry, with the cancelling and rescheduling of wedding plans, and social distancing still being a concern for some. Many brides are opting to do their makeup themselves on the big day.

You both must really love weddings to be surrounded by nuptials all the time! What drew you to create The Wedding Edition?
We identified a gap in the market during lockdown with a service that helps couples who want to plan their own wedding but need expert inspiration. We’ve shared our trusted editorial address book of industry experts with them!

Can you name your top 3 touch-up items that brides should have with them throughout their big day?
1. As the day goes on you may start to feel a bit sweaty. First of all before you put your dress on, use talc powder under your arms (unless you are wearing a strapless dress!). 

2. If you feel like a few tears might be shed during the ceremony, the best tool for touching-up after are pointed cotton buds. They are the best for getting around the eyes without smudging the rest of the makeup. We would recommend using them with a small amount of micellar water. Gently dab it on the area you want to clean. 

3. Say goodbye to greasy foreheads with the Perfect Blur Finishing Powder, is a must have in every brides beauty kit. It’s the closest you’ll get to a real-life Instagram filter.

Bridal skincare is so important—do you have major points that you see brides making a point to address in the weeks/months before the wedding? 
It’s all about getting the bridal glow and really getting to know your skin clinically. We are seeing a huge demand for brands that are more science-led.

Facials are also essential on the run up to the big day: they can help you devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals. From softening pesky forehead wrinkles or zapping acne, we recommend you start as soon as you are engaged and aim for a facial every 6 weeks to a month if possible! The Chantecaille Spa at Harrods offers a full listing of facial treatments.

Do you have suggestions for how to best find inspiration for your big-day beauty look?
We have a fantastic wellness section on the wedding edition filled with brilliant content from our editors & influencers but also we adore our editors content on their channels, with Bandi, Yasmin and Olivia all go-to beauty experts you can trust who have tried and tested everything and have the CV to prove it.

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