Meet The Groundbreaking Botanicals That Help Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate P.M. Transform Your Skin Overnight

Not sure about overnight skincare? Here’s why nighttime is the right time to reset your skin

Our skincare formulas are always sparked by the discovery of a unique new ingredient—a dazzling botanical that seems, like magic, to offer unprecedented effects for the skin. With Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate P.M., our latest skincare innovation, it was a group of enzymes with an unprecedented nocturnal approach to skincare that got us buzzing.

A blend of three “night healing enzymes” encapsulated in liposomes for a more efficient release strategy are the stars of this groundbreaking month-long treatment, which Sylvie calls the “Rolls-Royce of skincare.” Each 6ml dropper bottle (the set contains 4) packs a weekly dose of Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate P.M. When used for a month, the visible results are remarkable: fine lines, fatigue, elasticity, and firmness are visibly improved and skin is smoother and more radiant.

“These ingredients perform best when you, your skin and your cells sleep.”

Why treat the skin overnight?
“These ingredients perform best when you, your skin and your cells sleep,” says Marta Cammarano, Chantecaille’s Vice President of Research and Product Development.  "In particular, the innovative blend of night repair enzymes works to effectively speed up skin's own cellular repair mechanism. And if damage is repaired faster, our cells will have more time and energy for all their other nighttime functions, like collagen and elastin building, that help the skin maintain its youthful glow". In short: these smart ingredients help fast-track your skin into super-repair mode. Combining them with our proven 24k gold cocktail has expanded our ability to help the skin restore itself at a cellular level for truly radiant results.


Night Repair Enzymes
Derived from Icelandic freshwater algae, these radiation-resistant enzymes impact the skin’s ability to rest overnight and fight blue light pollution

Gold Heptapeptide & Amino Acid-Copper Complex
Soften the appearance of wrinkles and promote elasticity

Lotus Japonica Extract
This wild perennial legume boasts growth factor-like properties to boost tissue-strengthening power within skin cells

Hexapeptide Amplified
Fifty times more potent than previous peptides, this green chemistry-derived renewable peptide improves skin smoothness by boosting collagen and skin density to help reduce the appearance of expression lines

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