Behind the Cause

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is known for its pioneering work rehabilitating elephant, rhino and other wild animal orphans. But wildlife habitat degradation is occurring rapidly with climate change and population growth and SWT felt obliged to do something about it.  “We must take care of the big picture, which will affect [the animals’] futures—and all of ours,” CEO Angela Sheldrick says. Because they manage protected areas that have ample water sources, SWT is able to successfully carry out a project of this scale.

In 2019 the proceeds from Chantecaille’s Polar Ice Lip Cristal supported the planting of 60,000 trees around both Tsavo and Chyulu Hills National Parks by the local communities surrounding these green spaces. The saplings are indigenous trees—acacias, tamarinds, baobab and mahogany—which can readily adapt to the environment. These dense plantings will benefit both wildlife and provide much-needed community employment, while doing their part to combat climate change.

You can read more about Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s planting initiatives HERE.