Behind the cause

We use botanicals sourced from around the world. It’s important that the natural ingredients we use are harvested in socially and ecologically responsible ways. The beauty and healthcare industries’ demand for wild plant ingredients is increasing. Unfortunately, some of these plants are being harvested in a non-sustainable manner. Houpu Magnolia is one such example. Once, thousands of magnolia trees grew wild all over China. Demand for the tree’s bark, prized for its anti-inflammatory properties and used abundantly in Chinese medicine as well as the cosmetic industry, has contributed to the plant becoming exceedingly rare in its native habitats in China. We have created Le Magnolia Eye and Cheek Palette to increase awareness of TRAFFIC's work to improve the outlook for wild plant species and the livelihoods of people around the world through supporting the widespread adoption of the FairWild Standard. Embossed with a Magnolia, the limited edition shades complement the delicate watercolor hues seen on the Spring 2016 runways.

5% of proceeds from each palette sold will be donated to TRAFFIC to support their wild plant conservation work.

To find out more about sustainable wild plant harvesting, please visit: