The Trees Of Beauty

As a company built on botanicals and naturally-sourced ingredients, forests have special meaning. Trees and plants are incredibly potent sources of natural skincare, and we have always taken care to source our ingredients sustainably from ecosystems around the world. Here we highlight three special trees that produce particularly effective results.

Baobab Tree

Called “the tree of life” in its native Africa, the giant, twisted Baobab is a symbol of persistence on the plains. With a lifespan that can reach 5,000 years, these succulent trees feature prominently in African folklore and are often tapped for the healing powers of their nutrient-dense fruit. The formula for Lip Veil relies on sustainable, FairWild-certified organic baobab oil from Zimbabwe to give it a rich, nourishing effect on the lips.

Magnolia Tree

Used in traditional Chinese medicine to amp up energy and aid digestion, extract from the bark of the magnolia tree is also lauded for its ability to improve the skin. In crafting the incredibly soothing Magnolia, Jasmine & Lily Healing Emulsion, two soothing extracts from the bark of the Chinese Magnolia tree were used to create the Magnolia Youth Complex. This super-blend of calming botanicals helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improve visible redness, leaving skin looking radiant.

Bilberry Shrub

Tapped for its ability to reduce redness,  Bilberry extract has been used since the 16th century as a medicinal herb. The berries are rich in anthocyanosides, antioxidant-rich plant pigments which make it incredibly impactful in fighting free radical damage to the skin. Bilberry extract is a key ingredient in Vital Essence, our lightweight, super soothing face and eye serum, where it provides a gently calming effect to inflamed or stressed skin.

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