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These beauty essentials will delight mothers—and mother figures—of all ages and stages.

"Their spotted coats, the warm tones of the Acacia bark trees they feed on and the shades of the African landscape are all part of this color story."

- Olivia Chantecaille

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Four flattering earth-toned neutrals that mix and match to create rich, defined eye looks. Created to support Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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A fresh, neutral color story that takes inspiration from the sun-filled savannahs of Africa where giraffes roam free. Created to give back to Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

"Being near a giraffe in the wild is simply magical. Through partnership with Chantecaille, we hope to raise awareness for this silent extinction they are facing."

- Stephanie FennessyCo-Founder, Giraffe Conservation Foundation

The Cause

The collection was created to continue our support for Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the only nonprofit dedicated exclusively to giraffes in all of Africa.
Learn more about Giraffe Conservation Foundation here.