Beauty With Impact

Our commitment to conservation goes back to 2006. We have been raising awareness for urgent environmental issues with our cause-related collections since then, forming partnerships with brilliant conservationists around the globe to help preserve wild species and spaces.

Conservation Innovation 

Lion Guardians have devised a groundbreaking conservation method that works with local Maasai tribespeople to empower and educate them. Their courageous, intuitive efforts use GPS technology to track lions and help locals to understand and react to their behavior, eliminating the need to hunt the big cats for protection.

“I have always loved all creatures, big and small, and have always had fascination and respect for animals rather than fear.”

- Sylvie Chantecaille

Beauty Icon: Lip Veil 

This creamy, luminous lipstick was inspired by—and gives back to—Space For Giants, a nonprofit devoted to protecting endangered African elephants. Led by Dr. Max Graham, their work in includes front-line protection against illegal poaching and creating cross-boundary agreements amongst African countries to ensure that elephants can continue to live naturally and free, with access to their migration paths across the continent.