Lisa Aharon Creates Looks We Love

With a roster of high-profile clients that include Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Brosnahan and musicians like Florence Welch and Sara Bareilles, makeup artist Lisa Aharon has made a name for herself creating looks that range from fresh and classic to wildly eye-catching.

With a fun approach and a decidedly down-to-earth attitude, NYC-based Aharon is one of our favorite artists to partner with for red carpet moments. Her focus on skincare makes our hearts soar (she knows that a perfectly prepped base equals flawless makeup application) and with an artful approach to making faces, each look she creates inspires immediate “how do I get that look?” vibes. 

We charged Aharon with answering our rapid-fire questionnaire and learned how much she loves multi-purpose products (and hates goopy eyes!). Get to know her better by reading through her answers below.

Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara. Lashes for days, any day.

Best makeup trick? Using your lipstick as blush and eyeshadow. Love me a multi-use makeup product!

Is makeup a look or a mood? Definitely a mood.

You should never skip this makeup step: Brows. They frame the face.

To serum or not to serum? To serum

Face oil or cream? Oil

My weirdest beauty habit is: Perpetually cleaning eye boogies. It drives me nuts—even more so when I see them on camera!

I would never, ever wear: Never say never

I have this many lipsticks in my bag right now: Three. Every woman needs her perfect red, a sheer pink and a balm of some sort in her bag at all times, no?

"Every woman needs her perfect red, a sheer pink and a balm of some sort
in her bag at all times."

You'd never guess it, but I used to… Wear false lashes and glitter lipgloss. 90’s. Raver. Need I say more?

Most underrated makeup tool: A lash curler. It’s my stranded-on-a-desert-island choice. When is Chantecaille making theirs?!

Foundation application: sponge, brush, fingers? Brush

Lip liner or eyeliner? Eyeliner

Are you a skincare minimalist or maximalist? Maximalist. I use all of the things, but I break up my day/night routine so I’m not using a million products at once.

3 makeup must-haves: Mascara, concealer, lipstick.

What’s easier: doing your makeup or someone else's? Someone else’s. It’s hard to be objective and non-judgemental of yourself.

Magnifying mirror–dangerous or helpful? DANGER DANGER.

Do you multi-mask? Always.

Masking in public is… Totally acceptable.

I can’t leave the house without Fragrance on. It sets my mood for the day and I feel naked without it.

Bold lips or bold eyes? Eyes

I could apply Lipstick with my eyes closed. I’m almost always applying it on the go, blindly. So I’ve had some practice.

I keep backup Lip balm in my car. Lip balm EVERYWHERE.

My favorite person to work with is: How am I supposed to answer this?!

Awards season is: Bananas

In my off-time, you’ll always find me… Hanging with my family or at Pilates.

I wish someone would invent (beauty innovation you wish existed): A painless laser that would get rid of cellulite in one session. I struggle to find a woman that doesn’t have some that she’d like to get rid of. It’s the one thing that no matter how fit or healthy you are, always creeps its way in! 

Click here to see the radiant looks Lisa created for Rachel Brosnahan at The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premiere and Rachel Brosnahan at Emmy Awards.

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